Official Logos and Icons

Official Logos and Icons

Official Logos and Icons
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Transparent PNG:
bbPress – Logo Large 1259px x 363px

bbPress – Logo 2x 416px x 130px

bbPress – Logo 208px x 65px

Dashicons Icons:

bbPress Logo: content: “f477″; – class=”dashicons dashicons-bbpress-logo”
Forums/Hive: content: “f449″; – class=”dashicons dashicons-bbpress-forum”
Topics/Honey: content: “f450″; – class=”dashicons dashicons-bbpress-topic”
Replies/Bee: content: “f451″; – class=”dashicons dashicons-bbpress-reply”
Note: The dashicons CSS classes will only work with WordPress 3.9 or newer.


bbPress Green #2d8e42