Feature Plugins Tracking

Feature Plugins Tracking

Feature Plugins Tracking
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Here are some bbPress plugins that we think are could enhance your forums and that we may consider adding to the core of the bbPress plugin.
You should also search through our plugin section here. If what you are looking for is not listed in the featured plugins below please note that since the latest version of bbPress is now a plugin of WordPress , that if a WordPress plugin does not mention bbPress or tag bbPress that doesn’t mean it’s not compatible with bbPress. For example any anti-spam plugin like Akismet , or any social registration/simple registration plugin in the WordPress repository should work fine with bbPress.
(U) – Link to trac ticket where this or similar functionality is being under consideration/discussed
(X) – might not work/ might need to be forked
(C) – Link to trac ticket where it is planned for Core

bbPress – Numeric ID Permalinks
bbPress – Topic Lock
bbPress – Topic Count (C)
bbPress – Last Post (U)
bbPress – Canned Replies
bbPress – Notices
bbPress – Private Replies
Voter Plugin
WP ULike
bbPress – Ajax Replies and bbPress – Ajax Topics
bbPress – Additional Shortcodes
bbPress – Attachments (U)
bbPress – Tools (U)
bbPress – Quotes or bbPress – Direct Quotes (U)
bbPress – Avatar or Basic User Avatars
bbPress – Forum Redirect
bbPress – Report Abuse or bbPress – Report Content
bbPress – Ignore User
bbPress – Polls
bbPress – Messages
bbPress – HashBuddy
bbPress – Live Preview (U)
bbPress – Spam Cleaner (U)
Razz BBPress Suspension (U)
bbPress – Topics for Posts (C)
bbPress – user online status (U)
bbPress – Topic Subscribers

bbPress – Support Forums (U)

Buddy-bbPress Support Topic
EDD bbPress Support Dashboard
bbResolutions (GitHub)
bbPress – VIP Support (X) (GitHub fork with updates here, and here)
bbPress – Simple Support

bbPress – Unread / Mark as Read plugins (U)

bbPress – Pencil Unread
bbPress Go To First Unread Post
bbPress – Mark as Read
bbPress Unread Posts (forked version 2 of plugin here )
bbPress New Topics
djb bbPress last read plugin (X)

This is just plugins to highlight for bbPress plugin/theme developers that have specific features for the development of bbPress.
bbPress – Development

bbPress – Slack Integration
bbPress – Monster Widget
Buddy-bbPress Visual Hooks
Query Monitor with Query Monitor bbPress & BuddyPress Conditionals
Debug Bar with Debug Bar bbPress